… is the online tool for assessing the recyclability of your packaging. Our tool offers you countless templates of typical packaging on the market that you can customise. This makes evaluating your packaging very easy.

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You can easily identify whether your packaging is suitable for recycling.

circulate°easy is a modern assessment tool that calculates how sustainable your packaging is and thus determines how suitable your packaging is for recycling. Customers create a personal account and can evaluate an unlimited amount of packaging easily and quickly.



easy is a web-based platform. This means that your evaluations can be carried out without downloading or installing any software beforehand.

Minimum standards


The assessment of the recyclability of your packaging is based on the current valid minimum criteria according to the respective regulations.

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With our online tool you can easily calculate the recyclability of your packaging yourself, free of charge and in just a few minutes.

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What makes our tool special

circulate°easy is a web-based platform which allows you to easily and quickly classify the recyclability of your packaging based on the specifications of the Central Agency’s minimum standards. The results are presented using a clear scale from A+++ (best recyclability) to C (not recyclable).

Advantages of our tool

Importantly, circulate°easy evaluates the physical design of the packaging. This is because factors such as the shape, dimensions, colour and weight of a piece of packaging also influence its recyclability. In addition, circulate°easy supports manufacturers in meeting the ever-increasing requirements and specifications of the industry. Future national and international regulations which are expected to be introduced can also be mapped by circulate°easy.

If there is a change to the legally-required assessment criteria (e.g. minimum standards of the Central Agency), it is not necessary to re-enter the data as the packaging you have already recorded is automatically reassessed.


about circulate°easy


We have tried to summarize many questions about our rating tool for you here. If you still have open questions, please contact us via contact form.

How is recyclability measured?

The classification of recyclability with circulate°easy is based on the minimum standards of the Central Agency Packaging Register. It sets out that recyclability, in contrast to the KrWG (law on the advancement of the recycling economy and establishment of environmentally friendly waste disposal), always relates to “high-quality and material recycling”. Chemical recycling is therefore not a component of the recyclability assessment by circulate°easy.

The basis of the assessment is the collection, sortability and separability of packaging as well as its suitability for the recycling process.

Yes, with a circulate°easy account it is possible for each user to evaluate an unlimited amount of packaging.

circulate°easy is a web-based platform. Packaging evaluations can be easily carried out without downloading or installing software and using different devices.

For the classification of recyclability, all components of a unit of packaging are considered according to the minimum standard. The packaging can be made of different materials. Prefabricated templates provide you with units of packaging that are typical of the market, which you can adapt interactively by specifying the dimensions, colour and weights of the individual components.

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