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Published on 20. February 2023

Updated on 23. February 2023


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Labelling obligation

Which labeling requirements do I have to comply with as a manufacturer in France?

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The experts at RecycleMe have the answer! 

Companies placing products on the market in France, that are subject to Extended Producer Responsibility, must address compliance with country-specific labeling requirements in advance. This is not always so easy, because depending on the product or packaging and its characteristics (e.g., material, classification, separability, etc.), different labeling requirements apply under French legislation.

Since January 1, 2022, particularly strict requirements have to be observed in France within the framework of Extended Producer Responsibility. Affected products and packaging must, in accordance with the circular economy law “Loi AGEC”, now also present sorting information in addition to the Triman logo, which has been mandatory since 2015.   

This is a major challenge for many companies. To continue focusing on premium manufacturing of cameras and sports optics products, Leica Camera AG placed the analysis of labeling requirements in the hands of our experts at RecycleMe GmbH. 

The first step in working with our customer was to identify the affected EPR categories. After identifying the markings already applied, the individual components of the products and packaging were precisely analyzed. This made it possible to determine, which products or which packaging components must carry the Triman logo with sorting information mark.   

Once all the requirements were defined, we were able to provide our customer with operational support in addition to our consulting and analysis service. In cooperation with the in-house eco-design agency BUTT Media, which is part of our international group of companies, the corresponding labels for the products (electrical appliances, batteries/accumulators, and graphic papers e.g., operating instructions) or packaging components were created in print quality.    

Not only the labeling obligations should be fulfilled. In line with our customer’s corporate values, we made sure to take advantage of the visual scope when creating the labels and to integrate the results attractively on the packaging. Detailed instructions on how to apply the labeling ensured that all specifications were met.  

We would like to thank Leica Camera AG for the good cooperation! 

Do you also have questions about labeling requirements in France or other countries? Please contact us for an individual offer! 

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