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Our advice helps to create a functioning circular economy. With us at your side, you will always be informed and achieve the best possible results when optimising your packaging.

Comprehensive advice on all aspects of your packaging design

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Nowadays, sustainable and environmentally-friendly packaging is more important than ever, which is why we have made it our mission to optimise packaging to suit current systems and provide insights into current trends and market events in the field of the circular economy. With the following modules, circulate ensures that you receive comprehensive advice on all aspects of your packaging.

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Insights into current international market events

Do you need to make an important strategic decision and require some reliable information to get started? circulate°insights provides you with information on current legal developments in the field of the circular economy and detailed monitoring of the legal situation and the waste management infrastructure in different countries, as well as information on future materials and trends.

circulate°insights makes you a pioneer.


in cooperation with TÜV SÜD

Advanced certification of your packaging. Have the good performance of the recyclability of your packaging confirmed with an additional official certificate by our cooperation partner TÜV SÜD. With certify, you receive proof of your fulfilment of standard and legal requirements in the course of auditing your production processes. In addition, your packaging can also get a certification mark.

Advanced certification of your packaging.


Analysis and optimisation of your packaging

Do you want to assess the recyclability of your packaging and discover optimisation potential? circulate°optimize will provide you with the right answers to your individual questions. With our expert and expert+ services, we can create a digital twin of the respective packaging for analysis or even carry out practical sorting tests in sorting systems.

Together, we ensure that your packaging stays in circulation.


With expert, you receive a detailed and comprehensive packaging assessment based on the minimum standard of the Central Agency Packaging Register (ZSVR), which is carried out by our experts. We record all packaging components in detail and convert these into a digital twin. We communicate clear results in easy-to-understand reports and certificates.


With expert+ we take the step from theory into practice. Thanks to our excellent network, we have access to sorting systems where we can carry out individual detection and sorting tests with your packaging. This completes our services relating to the practical recyclability of your packaging. expert+ also includes comprehensive reports, of course.

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With our online tool, you simply calculate the recyclability of your packaging yourself and receive individual optimisation suggestions at the touch of a button, free of charge and in just a few minutes.

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