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Establishing digital innovation

We want to bring our good ideas into the world. In order to achieve this, we are committed to innovative approaches and digital solutions to increase collection rates and thus to the global implementation of a functional circular economy. Each of us is part of the solution.

We drive innovation

Digital solutions are the path to sustainability

We are not only experts in our field but we are also creative when it comes to developing new and disruptive approaches. Together with our partners, we aim to promote progress and advocate for a social rethink in the field of high-quality recycling. Find out more about our reference projects.

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RecycleMich and RecycleEverywhere

Gone are the days of paperwork and wasting paper and other valuable resources. The aim is to find solutions and ideas that are innovative and modern, keep emissions low and are, above all, sustainable. The fact that digital technologies play a key role in this is also part of our corporate philosophy.

In our latest reference projects, for example, we focus entirely on digitalisation as being a core element at the heart of a modern circular economy. With the Austrian RecycleMich app and its Canadian counterpart RecycleEverywhere, we reward consumers for disposing of their single-use packaging correctly.

The apps are available to all users free of charge in the Android and Apple app stores. You can get started as soon as you have registered successfully: Use the product, find and record recycling containers, scan and recycle empty packaging… Points can be collected automatically for competitions and other incentives.

Would you like to find out more about our projects? You can find more information here:

Hybride and flexible deposit return systems

RecycleMe provides as a consulting company (together with partners) a full service and accompanies stakeholders from the vision to the implementation of a modern deposit return system:


Consulting in the conception of customized, individual solutions according to the existing framework conditions of your company.

Digital approaches

Expansion of collection points by using low-cost, digital approaches, e.g. at waste material collection centers and recycling yards, at urban collection points and in train and underground stations, by small traders and online supermarkets without automated return machines.

Deposit application

Implementation of a user-friendly deposit app for consumers with connection to digital pay services and bank accounts. In order to further on increase collection rates there are opportunities for incentives beyond the deposit (e. g. information, vouchers, competitions).


Supporting trade and industry in managing the entire system and implementing a regulated recycling process to have full access to raw materials and as a result sufficient recyclate available for packaging production.

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