Published on 8. February 2022


Reclay sister RecycleMe enters Slovakian market

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Ján Makovník, Geschäftsführer der RecycleMe, director

Already the third location after successful launch in Germany and Austria

Bratislava, 08.02.2022 – After RecycleMe GmbH successfully established its brand in Germany last year and expanded to Austria only a few months later, the international management consultancy will now also operate from its Slovakian location in Bratislava. The sister company of Reclay Group, which is active internationally as well, advises its customers and partners in the areas of market developments in the circular economy, recyclability and extended producer responsibility (EPR).

The past weeks and months have been very successful for the consulting team of RecycleMe GmbH. More than 500 consulting projects have already been set up with international customers from a wide variety of industries. Strategic cooperations with partners such as STADLER Anlagenbau GmbH form useful additions to the company’s own product porftolio and the first joint certificate with partner TÜV SÜD was awarded to a packaging from the food industry. With expanding first into the Austrian and now the Slovakian market, further milestones in the company’s young history have been achieved.

Managing Director Sabrina Goebel is satisfied with the developments: “I am very pleased to start the year 2022 with this positive news. Topics such as EPR commitments and packaging optimization with regard to recyclability and the use of recyclates are becoming increasingly important worldwide. That is why it is an important step to use our expertise and innovative strength in these areas in Slovakia as well.”

Ján Makovník, Managing Director of RecycleMe in Slovakia, adds: “Due to the planned introduction of ecomodulation, there will be a great demand for our consultancy services in our domestic market in a very short time. The introduction of a deposit system for disposable beverage packaging will also have an impact on the availability of secondary raw materials – similar to other European countries after the introduction of deposit, which in turn is important for the issue of recyclability of packaging and the optimal use of recycled materials. Last but not least, for many companies operating and wishing to operate in Slovakia, the increasing Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) obligations arising from European legislation, which are gradually becoming part of the Waste Act, will become a challenge. That is why I am convinced that we are in the right place at the right time with our offer.”

Goebel is looking to the future with ambitious goals: “Together with our colleagues in Slovakia and also in Austria, we are already reaching many companies that inevitably have to deal with our topics due to various legal and regulatory developments. However, there is still a very large number of market participants who have not yet become active. It is precisely this group that we want to reach internationally with our offer and support them in achieving their economic goals while fulfilling their ecological obligations.”

Foto: Ján Makovník, Managing Director of RecycleMe in Slovakia © Ján Makovník

Cooperation of RecycleMe, Tüv Süd, Plukon


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