Interview: Expert Juliette Guérin introduces RecyClass

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Our expert Juliette Guerin joined our RecycleMe team in France in summer 2023. In cooperation with LÉKO, a take-back system for packaging waste generated in private households, RecycleMe advises and supports distributors of household packaging on the French market in fulfilling their legal obligations and in providing support on eco-design and recyclability of packaging.

One of the reasons for the expansion of the RecycleMe brand into France last year was the steadily growing international demand for consulting services and expertise in the field of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). Last but not least, the EU Commission’s draft regulation on Packaging and Packaging Waste (PPWR) is forcing distributors from industry and trade to take a closer look at the recyclability of their packaging.

Why is “Design for Recycling” so relevant for companies in the EU?

With the upcoming PPWR, the European Commission wants to ensure that all packaging is fully recyclable by 2030 at the latest. Among other things, it sets out basic criteria for the “Design for Recycling” of packaging. Those who take these criteria into account now will secure an important competitive advantage. RecycleMe’s task is to inform companies about such developments at an early stage and to support them in overcoming all the associated challenges. I am particularly pleased that we can also offer the certification of packaging with RecyClass.

What is RecyClass and what advantages does it offer companies?

RecyClass is an independent, non-profit, cross-industry initiative that aims to facilitate the transition to a circular future along the EU packaging value chain. The overall aim is to promote the recyclability of plastic packaging through a harmonised approach. As an official RecyClass accredited auditor, I can offer our customers certification of their packaging in all 27 EU countries, plus Norway, the UK and Switzerland from one single source.

What does RecyClass certification say about packaging?

RecyClass offers three different types of certifications. Both the “Design for Recycling” and the “Recyclability Rate” certificates are for finished and complete packaging. The first one focuses on the technical recyclability of plastic packaging at EU level whereas the second one assesses the effective recyclability of a packaging in a specific country. The “Letter of Compatibility” classifies and assesses the technical recyclability of semi-finished plastic packaging. This last one gives a good indication of the potential recyclability of the final packaging. All certifications are based on the RecyClass guidelines for recycling.

How does the RecyClass certification work for RecycleMe customers?

The certification process consists of five simple steps. If you are interested, get in touch with me or one of my colleagues. We will need the technical specifications and samples of the packaging you want to have certified. In a third step, our team of experts will test and analyse your packaging. We will inform you of our results in a detailed analysis meeting. Finally, you will receive your RecyClass certificate, which confirms the recyclability of your packaging in accordance with the applicable EU standards.

If you have any questions about RecyClass or the French market in general, please do not hesitate to contact me at

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