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We create customized studies on current international market events – depending on the requirements profile and adapted to your situation.

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Complex challenges on the way to a circular economy


To advance the closure of material cycles, there is a great dynamics in environmental policy and the recycling industry worldwide, in which Europe plays a pioneering role. While the measures of the new amendment of the EU Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR) introduce decisive market changes, both their national implementations and existing strategies of the individual member states lead to a complex legal and market situation within the European Union.

Companies in the packaging and consumer goods industry are consequently confronted with a variety of different challenges in areas such as legal manufacturer obligations, recyclable packaging designs or availability of recyclates. Fulfilling all the requirements therefore often demands a strategic realignment, especially from those who operate in different markets. A solid and up-to-date information base is indispensable to be able to face these decision-making processes in a future-proof manner.

Ensure competitive advantages through information

Are you facing an important strategic decision? Are you working on establishing a new business or planning to enter the recycling market? Are you interested in packaging systems of the future or do you want to be a pioneer in the field of circular economy?

Our experts observe the circular economy in a global context and provide you with well-informed support on the current legal and market situation as well as on trends and developments.

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We analyze the markets relevant to you on request and create a customized study that demonstrates the challenges you face in the circular economy and how you can master them in a future-proof manner.

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