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Due to the background of our group of companies and our strong network, we can handle your country-specific reporting obligations on your behalf.

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Our group of companies includes Reclay Systems GmbH among others. Reclay operates take-back systems for packaging and products in various countries. Together with our internal and external partners, we take care of the operational implementation of your international obligations.

Reclay Group
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This is how we can support you

Manufacturers and distributors of packaging and other product categories, such as batteries and waste electronic equipment or other country-specific EPR categories are obliged to participate in a take-back system in several countries. We can assist you in the following product categories:

Taking back packaging

We take over the reporting of the volume data in the countries relevant to you and the preparation of contracts with take-back systems ready for signature. In addition, we check the plausibility of the reporting data and take over the communication with the respective systems and authorities, provide information on reporting-relevant changes in the commissioned countries and (if possible) take over the registration with the responsible authorities. Whether sales packaging, transport packaging, commercial packaging or outer packagingwe will find the right solution.

Taking back batteries, electrical appliances and other categories

In addition to classic sales and transport packaging, there are other product obligations with special requirements regarding their take-back solutions and proper disposal. Electrical appliances, batteries and rechargeable batteries, or packaging of pollutant-containing filling goods can not only contain critical substances, their proper disposal also presents manufacturers with complex challenges. Here, too, we offer you comprehensive support in handling your obligations.

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