International labeling requirements

In many countries, strict regulations apply to separation and disposal instructions, that must be integrated in a clearly visible manner on affected product packaging.

Recycling labels

as a support for consumers

Unlike the various voluntary sustainability labels, specific recycling labels such as the Triman logo with sorting information in France or a disposal notice in Italy are anchored in law. Mandatory disposal instructions or sorting information primarily concern packaging that accumulates in private households. The aim of these measures is to instruct consumers to separate correctly and to improve the recycling of these recyclable materials.

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Identify and implement individual commitments 

Our experts educate companies on the various European packaging labeling requirements. In addition to general European guidelines within the framework of the EU Packaging Directive, there are often much stricter requirements to be met at national level. Our services cover all aspects of international labeling requirements and can advise your company on these issues.

Review and pre-check of your labeling requirements

Our experts analyze European and national legislation to determine how the labeling requirements are regulated in your relevant markets. In the form of an analysis report, we inform you about the country-specific marks and labelsalways adapted to your packaging sortiment.





Individual packaging analysis and information about labeling requirements

The basis for defining your labeling requirements is a detailed packaging analysis. We will check your packaging to determine which of your packagings are subject to requirements. We investigate how the respective legal requirements and voluntary recommendations are regulated in terms of labeling, position and size of the symbol, exemptions, etc. The results are presented in the form of a written report or in a personal conversation. We are glad to meet your needs!

Webinars around international labeling requirements

To receive usefull insights into international labeling requirements, their current European developments and upcoming innovations, we offer webinars on a regular basis. Our experts will provide you with an overview and will also be happy to answer personal questions during the appointment.




Arrange a consultation on packaging labelling

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