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Circular economy of packaging is developing at an increasing pace. Legislative amendments, trends and international developments are creating new framework conditions and challenges for companies.

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Do you want to stay informed about all the news within the circular economy and at the same time focus on your core business?

With our monitoring service, we continously observe the relevant markets and inform you about new developments and trends at an early stage.

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Market monitoring adapted to your needs

You operate in different markets worldwide, in the environment of packaging or other EPR product categories? Then you are subject to different requirements. Based on your individual circumstances and in close exchange with you, we offer a customized monitoring service for your company.

Individual market monitoring

You define your target markets, your activities and the scope of our monitoring service. We take care of the rest and keep an eye on all relevant developments for you. We keep you informed about the current status through reports and regular, personal discussions. Using our early warning system, you receive important updates at an early stage so that we can jointly derive and implement concrete measures with sufficient time to act.

RecycleMe Insider

Do you want to stay up to date on what’s happening in the general circular economy? Then book our RecycleMe Insider and stay up to date on new trends, legislative amendments, etc. You will receive all information at regular intervals directly to your mailbox. Save yourself the tedious search in foreign legal texts or on international news portals. New packaging labeling requirements in France? New developments in sustainable packaging design in the EU? Stay up to date with RecycleMe Insider.

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