Compliance Compass

Keeping an overview and avoiding risks

Do you know which regulations are relevant for your company?

Anyone who manufactures or sells products and packaging is subject to many different laws and requirements in connection with the international Circular Economy and Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR):

Compliance Compass
Compliance Compass
Mandatory labelling on packaging
Reporting and registration obligations in the individual EU countries
Ecomodulation fees
Plastic taxes
Deposit requirements
Indication of packaging weights
Compliance Compass -
Obligation to appoint authorised representatives

Our added value


There are many different legal obligations or compliance requirements at national and international level.
Keeping track of these is a real challenge for companies.

Compliance Compass

The Compliance Compass shows you the way 

Let us guide you through this challenge. With the Compliance Compass, we identify all relevant areas for you.  

This allows you to see at a glance which topics are associated with high risks for your company and need to be tackled in the near future.      

In a summarised report, you will receive the results of the evaluation as well as an overview of the specific provisions.


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