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Published on 23. November 2022

Updated on 25. January 2023


Case Study

Table of contents
  1. The challenge
  2. Circular economy as a driver
  3. ORO: identify trends and act early

Oro and RecycleMe cooperate for stronger recyclability

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Oro RecycleMe cooperation

As one of the leading suppliers in the areas of hygiene, cleanliness and freshness, ORO-Produkte Marketing International GmbH develops, produces and markets products for well-known international trade and industrial companies. The company’s management always attaches great importance to sustainable production and a responsible approach to the planet and our natural resources. This also applies to the packaging of products from the ORO portfolio – because packaging that cannot be kept in the cycle pollutes the environment. 

To be able to continue to fully focus on its own core competences and the wishes of its customers, ORO relies on the expertise of RecycleMe consultancy to optimize the circularity of its products. A successful cooperation between two companies that are facing up to the ecological challenges of today. 

The challenge: Analyzing and implementing specifications with a view to the own situation

The circular economy and the recyclability of products and packaging are receiving increasing attention from the political and social public. Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is an environmental policy instrument that aims to make companies responsible for their products and packaging even beyond their production. In the course of this responsibility, for example, there are specifications for the material composition of packaging and the use of recycled material or also for the labeling of packaging – these specifications can vary from country to country. As an internationally active company, ORO takes this responsibility very seriously. “In our view, the transformation towards a circular economy is a key factor in achieving climate protection targets,” explains Sabine Frommelt, Head of Product Management, Marketing & Graphics at ORO. “As a result, we see it not only as our responsibility, but also as a great opportunity for us to keep our products in the cycle for as long as possible. We very much welcome the fact that politics are also committed to this important issue and are providing the appropriate framework.” 

Companies that want to fulfill their obligations and adapt their corporate strategy to the applicable requirements in the best possible way must, however, first be aware of these obligations and requirements. It is often a great challenge for a company that operates in different markets with different circumstances to maintain an overview and initiate the right measures. “Our expertise is the development of creative product solutions and the subsequent support of our customers in the respective implementation,” says Sabine Frommelt. “We therefore feel very good that, with regard to our circular economy obligations and our potential in the area of circularity, we have a team of experts at our side with RecycleMe, which provides us with the best possible support in this area.” 

Circular economy as a driver – both ecologically and economically

Barbara Krauß, Circularity Manager at RecycleMe, is also convinced by the cooperation and is pleased that companies like ORO take their ecological responsibility seriously. “Natural resources are becoming increasingly scarce. We need to extend the life cycle of valuable materials in order to produce more sustainably.” RecycleMe addresses this principle with its consulting services. Packaging is analyzed, evaluated and optimized with regard to its recyclability; companies are supported in adapting their business model as best as possible to international trends, specifications and development. “What does the European Green Deal mean for my company? How do I get hold of high-quality recyclate? What labeling obligations do I have to observe for my packaging? We know the answers to these questions and provide them to our customers on an individual and customized basis,” explains Krauß. 

ORO wants to identify trends and act early

In the case of ORO, a whole series of joint trend talks were held to clarify precisely these issues and to work out implementation measures and optimization potential. In addition, a reliable “early warning system” has been established with a continuous monitoring service that identifies and processes new developments relevant to ORO at an early stage. “This is an extremely valuable service for us, which gives us the necessary certainty of action in matters of circular economy and also enables us, in turn, to keep our customers up to date,” Frommelt is pleased to say. “Together with the RecycleMe team, we want to do our part and position ourselves to be even more circular in the future. Because we are convinced that this will become a requirement in the market sooner rather than later.” 



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